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  1. 1. Render a list in React
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In the second episode of Amir’s “React with TypeScript“ course you will learn how to render multiple elements in React. Amir also shows you how to create a TypeScript interface which helps you to specify known properties of your objects.

Render a list in React

To render multiple elements in React, you can use the Array’s map functionality. Simply map all your objects into React fragments, so that your Function component can make use of it. But don’t forget to set a unique key prop!


In the following React video tutorial, you will learn how to:

Video Tutorial

You will learn how to fix the following TypeScript errors:

TS2322: Type is not assignable

TS2741: Object literal may only specify known properties

You will learn how to fix the following React errors:

Warning: Each child in a list should have a unique “key” prop.