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Styling React Components with CSS and TypeScript

2021-03-17 React

In this post, we are going to take a look on how to add CSS styling to React Components with TypeScript. Our teacher Amir shows you how to structure your components and how to type your props, so that you won’t run into error TS2739. There will be also an introduction to CSS Modules.

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Error TS1196: Catch clause variable type annotation

2021-03-07 Best Practices

By default, TypeScript’s compiler doesn’t allow you to add a custom type annotation to an error in a try-catch statement (TS1196). That’s because the underlying code can throw any type of error, even system generated exceptions, which makes it impossible for TypeScript to know the error type from the start. Luckily, there is the concept called “type guards“ which can help the TypeScript compiler to infer a specific type.

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How to create a screencast

2021-03-05 Hands-On

Creating a screencast is harder than it seems. Despite from the idea, you need the right hardware and software to produce high quality content. Especially the post-production is often underestimated. To make your work easier, we would like to give you a few tips on the way.

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Rendering multiple elements in React

2021-02-28 React

In the second episode of Amir’s “React with TypeScript“ course you will learn how to render multiple elements in React. Amir also shows you how to create a TypeScript interface which helps you to specify known properties of your objects.

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Improve your switch cases with TypeScript

2021-02-26 Best Practices

In this tutorial Benny shows you simple techniques on how to improve your switch statements. Using the tips and tricks from the video, you will never miss a switch case again. You will also learn how to fix error TS2322, TS2366 and TS7030.

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React with TypeScript for Beginners

2021-02-22 React

It’s 2021 and TypeScript’s support for React apps improved by a lot. If you are new to TypeScript and React, you can learn from Amir Ghezelbash how to develop your first React app. In his tutorials, Amir starts from scratch and shows you on a weekly basis how to improve your React and TypeScript skills.

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Docker Desktop: Hardware assisted virtualization

2021-01-12 Hands-On

There are TypeScript projects, such as @nestjsx/crud, which use Docker container images. Docker containers simplify application setups (like databases, caches, etc.) by providing pre-configured images in a virtual environment. Virtualization takes a lot of computing power and can be accelerated by hardware-assisted virtualization.

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Upgrade to React Router v6

2021-01-02 React

React Router Version 6 is great for TypeScript programmers because it ships with type definitions. Another great feature is the useRoutes hook, which simplifies routing setups in your functional React components. You can also render child components by using the new Outlet API.

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Setup Webpack HMR with NestJS and React

2020-12-21 React

Programmatically setup a Nest.JS server with Webpack’s Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to host a React web application.

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Setup Webpack HMR with Express server and React

2020-12-20 React

Programmatically setup an Express server with Webpack’s Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to host a React web application.

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