Benny Neugebauer

Benny Neugebauer had led the web development team at Wire for almost 8 years building Wire for Web. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Benny has won three Microsoft MVP Awards and reached more than 21 million people on StackOverflow. His professional career as a developer began in the quality assurance team at datango AG, which was later taken over by SAP AG. He worked several years for GameDuell as HTML5 developer building cross-platform games. During that time Benny has trained to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Architect for programming in HTML5. He published articles about HTML5 app development, migrating legacy code to TypeScript and wrote a book on the social aspects in an information society (ISBN: 9783640904433). Benny also won the wildcard award of Deutsche Bank’s API hackathon for financial services by building a financial assistant.

Being a software developer at heart, Benny contributed to several open source projects on GitHub, among them TypeScript, axios, Node.js, Visual Studio Code, Definitely Typed, Electron, Material UI, Prettier, ESLint, nvm & TypeORM. For example, in Visual Studio Code he fixed type definitions for proxy support.

In his spare time Benny enjoys teaching best coding practices and worked with non-profit organizations Hacker School and Digital Career Institute. In addition he develops APIs for cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Coinbase Pro) and the TypeScript.TV website.

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