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Hey there, I'm Benny! You can find me on Twitter and StackOverflow. I've created exceptional software using TypeScript, such as the end-to-end encrypted messenger Wire.

Ready to level up? I've poured countless hours into this course, saving you the struggle of mastering TypeScript on your own.

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Are you facing issues with TypeScript? 😵‍💫

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. It can do everything JavaScript does, and even more. But there's a trade-off: it gets more complex and you'll need to learn new things like Generics, Abstract Classes and Ambient Modules.

Because TypeScript needs to work wherever JavaScript works, it has to be compiled before it can run. This processing is why you have to install the TypeScript compiler (tsc). The compiler checks your code while you're working on it and tells you about any mistakes. There are hundreds of different mistakes you can make.

The good news is that you've found this website. It's a helpful guide that lists the most common TypeScript errors and explains how to fix them. There's also a glossary that defines tricky words in just a sentence or two.

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My course will slash your debugging time and equip you with expert knowledge.

Say goodbye to tooling issues, and boost your productivity with TypeScript!

The TypeScript Course

1. Why Do We Need TypeScript?
2. Installing Node.js and TypeScript
3. Dependency Management
4. TypeScript Compiler Setup
5. Type Narrowing & Type Widening
6. Immutability with Const Assertions
7. Any, unknown, never, and void
8. Type Inference & Type Annotations

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The TypeScript Rap Song

I'm such a TypeScript fan, I even made a rap song with a Brooklyn rapper: